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Top 10 Best Acoustic Guitars In 2016

If you are in search of the best acoustic guitar for a beginner or amateur, then you may consider these following options to choose from. Here are among the most recommended brands and models of acoustic guitar that offer the best value for your money. Read along and find out more about the top features of each.

10. Crescent MG38-BK 38″ Acoustic Guitar Starter Package

Crescent MG38-BK 38" Acoustic Guitar Starter Package

For beginners who are trying to explore the fascinating world of music, this acoustic guitar model is certainly a keeper. It delivers a rich and remarkable tone that enhances your guitar playing experience. Its steel string is made of the finest quality, and you can count on this guitar to give you an easy time playing all sorts of music genres including rock, jazz, folk, and country. As for the tuning pegs, these are made of exquisite steel and brass, which makes it much easier for you to tune the strings. Lastly, the guitar measures 38 inches long, and it comes with a solid wooden frame.


9. Sky Enterprise Blue Acoustic Guitar (Starter Package)

Sky Enterprise Blue Acoustic Guitar (Starter Package)

If you are fond of unique colors for your guitar, then this acoustic guitar by Sky Enterprise makes a perfect fit for you. It comes with an attractive blue finish that will make you stand out as you play your favorite hits. Moreover, this starter acoustic package has everything you need to start playing great tunes. Among the included items in this product are extra set of guitar strings, tuner and a durable guitar case. The body is made of high quality wood, and the guitar produces a melodious and rich sound that will meet your standards.


8. Dreadnought Zilker Acoustic Guitar (Model ZA1BK)

Dreadnought Zilker Acoustic Guitar (Model ZA1BK)

Zilker is known for its remarkable collection of acoustic guitars at reasonable prices. For instance, this particular product exudes a catchy appeal with its flawless construction, details and binding. It is a full-size guitar with die-cast hardware, as well as bridge and fretboard made of rosewood. This guitar also produces a distinctly loud and rich tone, which means you can expect to make the finest music with this must-have instrument for beginners and professionals.


7. Rogue Acoustic Dreadnought Guitar (Model RA-090)

Rogue Acoustic Dreadnought Guitar (Model RA-090)

Ready to begin your guitar lessons? Make sure you come prepared to your lessons with this Rogue acoustic guitar. It is suitable for young guitarists or beginners in the world of guitar playing. This product comes with the right size for the width and depth, which ensures you of ample sound projection and rich tones to vibrate across the room. As for the specs of this guitar, it has a C-shaped neck, 16-inch radius and 1 2/3-inch width for the nut. It also comes with covered tuners and hardware made of nickel. With all these stunning features at an affordable price, this product is indeed a steal.


6. Jasmine Acoustic Guitar with Natural Shade (S35 Model)

Jasmine Acoustic Guitar with Natural Shade (S35 Model)

This acoustic guitar comes with a sophisticated natural shade and high quality wooden frame that contribute to its top-notch sound quality. It is the ultimate guitar for any player who looks for an attractive, durable and user-friendly instrument that they can use for their lessons or jamming sessions. The guitar also features a full body and slim neck while delivering great ease in playing with its smooth finish, chrome tuners and rosewood material for the bridge and fingerboard.


5. Crescent 38-Inch Blue Acoustic Guitar

Crescent 38-Inch Blue Acoustic Guitar

Save more money on your purchase of a brand new starter guitar with this package. This is one of the best deals you can ever find online because of its stellar appearance, durable steel strings, perfect full-body size and elegant tuning pegs. Since this is a starter package, it comes equipped with several essential items for guitarists out there including a bag, pick, pitch pipe tuner, extra strings and carrying strap. Lastly, the guitar measures 38 inches long and built with sturdy wood for the frame.


4. Epiphone’s Acoustic Guitar in Vintage Sunburst Shade (Model DR-100)

Epiphone's Acoustic Guitar in Vintage Sunburst Shade (Model DR-100)

Another great option for a reliable acoustic guitar is this product by Epiphone. In fact, it is among the top-selling guitars in the market because of its durable build, impressive looks, and top-notch sound. It also has a classic dreadnought shape, which is great for various music genres including country, rock, bluegrass, and folk, among several others. Its sound is also rich and loud, yet it has that perfect balance. So, you can hear yourself well while you sing along as you strum.


3. Seagull Acoustic Guitar (Model S6)

Seagull Acoustic Guitar (Model S6)

Go for something as elegant as this guitar model by Seagull. It features a lovely wild cherry color on the sides and back portion that goes quite well with the mahogany shade and stunning maple neck. The fretboard is made of rosewood, and it is so smooth to give you the ease in switching from one chord to another. The saddle has an impressive laquer finish with semi-glossy appeal that you will love. As for the sound produced in this guitar – it’s simply amazing.


2. Fender “Squier” Acoustic Guitar

Fender "Squier" Acoustic Guitar

Whether you are only starting as a guitarist, or you just need the right guitar that is perfect for your needs, this product by Fender is the finest option for you. This brand does not need an introduction because it is known the world over as the leading name when it comes to superior quality guitar. The bundle package has every single item you will need for your first guitar such as the strap, hard case, extra strings, picks, polishing cloth, tuner, instructional DVD, and guitar stand.


1. Yamaha Folk- Acoustic Guitar (Model FG700S)

Yamaha Folk- Acoustic Guitar (Model FG700S)

If you need an excellent guitar for a beginner, then this product is the right option for you. While it is designed for beginners, it looks, feels, and sounds like the type of guitar professionals use. It has a lovely body made of Sitka spruce on the top and Nato for the sides and back. As for the fingerboard, it is made of the usual rosewood material that makes it easy to handle and use. With this product, playing the guitar is a breeze.


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