Top 10 Best Ceiling Fans In 2014 Reviews

Ceiling fans can make your house cooler by flowing in fresh air. You can save on your electricity bills this summer if you can buy a high class ceiling fan. Apart from, making you contented and comfortable it can enhance the beauty and attractive style in your house, if you can buy a superior ceiling fan.

There are several ceiling fans available in most stores all over the globe. You can buy premium ceiling fan after comparing features, prices and the best seller. Take a little time and look at the Top 10 Best Ceiling Fans In 2014 Reviews.

10. Minka Aire F518-WH Ceiling Fan

Minka Aire F518-WH Ceiling Fan

This is a three blade white fan that is made from Minka Aire. This fan is apt for low ceiling because they don’t have a down hanging shaft that makes it appropriate for low ceilings. The halogen light encompassed in the fan is sufficient in brightening an enormous room. It is easy to install, yet saves you a huge sum of money. It contains a hand held remote control unit that is in full function remote.

9. Petite Fan with 6 Blades

Petite Fan with 6 Blades

This is a ceiling fan just from Westinghouse. It is not an expensive ceiling fan and it’s available in bigger stores all over the globe. In most cases the product is below $55; that is offered by Amazon. If you are looking for the best and the most avoidable ceiling fan! The one that can’t burn holes in your pocket or can’t make you broke. This is just the right choice for you!

It comes with a three speed adjustable switch control, which is apt for all season comfortability. It also has Distinct light sorts with mushroom looking like glass (bulb excluded). This ceiling fan has a motor that operates quietly and greatly. In addition, it is easy to install. Its measurement is 30 inches by 12 inches and comes with a 12- year warranty as well as a lifetime motor warranty. It is the best suit for small size rooms of about 79 square feet.

8. Emerson CF765BS Loft Indoor Ceiling Fan

Emerson CF765BS Loft Indoor Ceiling Fan

It is among the most contemporary and modern fans from Emerson. It is the top 10 best ceiling fans in 2014 reviews! Merely to say, it is apt for high ceiling outside and inside the door. Other than that, it helps in reducing the energy usage since it has a wall regulator that alters the speed of the blade. This helps in cutting down the electricity bills for you!
Just to know: they are three gilts that are available for you, this is brushed steel varnish, white and barbecue black varnish that can suit your home style and tastes. Other features include 3 high competence airfoil blades that are Apt for high ceiling. In addition, it comes with four- speed wall regulator and remote control malleable for your comfortability

7. Industrial Ceiling Fan

Industrial Ceiling Fan

This is one of the most reasonably priced ceiling fans from Westinghouse. Well, it is designed or meant for industrial use, but not for home use because the blades alternates or rotates at high speed as compared to other ceiling fans, such as traditional fans.
It is the finest ceiling fan for inside the door purpose. Additionally, it is of high quality and has a beautiful look for your house! It is an Indoor 56 inch triple blade ceiling fan that is apt for industrial use in rooms up to 370 square feet. It also contains 78 inch lead cable, 0.5 by 0.5 inch shaft, ball knob installation structure, and 5- speed regulator. This type of the ceiling fan comes with a 15 year motor guarantee and 2 year guarantee on the other parts of the ceiling fan. It also has 153 MM by 17 MM unruffled- revolved steel motor with distinct capacitor.

6. Hunter 53250 Pro’s Five Minute Fan

Hunter 53250 Pro’s Five Minute Fan

This ceiling fan is precisely designed for outsized rooms. Surely, it takes a short time, for the installation of this type of a ceiling fan. What does five minutes infer? It means that it can take five minutes or lesser for one to install this kind of the ceiling fan! In most cases, it does not require a professional technician for installation purpose. It is 90% assembling and installed in 5 minutes or lesser. Above all, it has 3 positions intensifying units for straight drib, even or installation

5. Monte Carlo 5D152BSD-L Discus Contemporary Ceiling Fan

Monte Carlo 5D152BSD-L Discus Contemporary Ceiling Fan

This is a contemporary 5 blade ceiling fan with a 200 watt spotlight. Just to know; it has several types of bulbs to opt from. The option includes fluorescent, halogen, incandescent, xenon and LED, etc. Take the fact that it has 5 blades of 52 inches each, it is able to flow air faster and quicker. It operates silently. There are 3 speeds that can be regulated either by the chain or remote setup.
The fan looks beautiful, and most of us love the shiny looks and the silver color of the fan, which make it beautiful!

4. Roundabout Indoor Ceiling Fan

Roundabout Indoor Ceiling Fan

This is a five blade ceiling fan that is designed to go well with the style of your house. This ceiling fan is available in white and several colors. If you have your kid and you would like him/her to love the five cheerful colors at home, buy this ceiling fan and make your home a better place to stay.
The bulb emits placid and calm light that makes the room, more stylish due to its brushed nickeled varnish, and the sleek appearance! It comes with Silicon steel motor with double capacitor, three fans with low/medium/high speed, and adjustable switch for the all year use.
Above all, it Contains 0.75 by 4 inch shaft, 78 inches lead cable and 2 candelabra- base 40 watt G16- 0.5 bright bulbs.
It also comes with a lifespan warranty on motors, and 2 year guarantee on the other parts of the ceiling fan. Other features include Airflow of2482 cfm, energy consumption of about 39 watts without light usage and the effectiveness of the airflow of about 64 cfm each watt.

3. Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe Ceiling Fan

Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe Ceiling Fan

As you look at the customer rating! They are enough proof that this ceiling fan model is quite unique.
Do you love the mix and much style or chic?? If so, you are obviously likeable to this ceiling fan, because it is a combination of modern and traditional design. Other than that, the fan can save you a lot in term of electricity bills. You can save up to 47% of your energy consumption rate.
Another thing that attracts customers is the price; let me tell you that this product is cheap! Therefore, it is about time, why don’t you make a great purchase out of it. This ceiling fan operates quietly, and you will like it. It is appropriate for larger rooms of about 400 square feet. It’s easy to install, and it is designed with a Bronze varnish with adjustable Brazilian Cherry

2. Lighting 7226100 Turbo Swirl Fan

Lighting 7226100 Turbo Swirl Fan

It is a petite and elfin ceiling fan by Westinghouse meant for tiny rooms. It has three speed controllers that can be controlled by the use of a remote control. It has an adjustable switch that can regulate or circulate cold as well as warm air.
Do you want to live comfortably during the winter, as well as summer? If so, this invention is the best for you! As it can be used I both winter and summer. Apart from this, it has a pull- chain setup that gives a typical look. Its light is very perky or bright, and it is sufficient in illuminating or brightens the whole room.

1. Lighting 7850500 Elite Indoor Ceiling Fans

Lighting 7850500 Elite Indoor Ceiling Fans

It has three blades that are brushed nickel with color. The three halogen bulbs make the room perky, beautiful and too attractive! This appliance is also apt during the summer and the winter, because it is straddling with an adjustable switch, which can be adjusted. That’s to say that, during winter the blades will rotate clockwise while in summer it will rotate anticlockwise, in facilitate both functions and purpose.

Other than that, the fan is, ere in saving a lot of cash for your electricity bills, and it is the most affordable ceiling fan in spite their unique feature
It is among the stylish ceiling fans with a lot of features. Include three lights, 48 inches three blade ceiling fan that is apt for 12 by 12 inches (144 square feet) room. It has a 153 by 17 MM silicon steel motor with multiple (triple) capacitors to increase its efficiency.

It contains three fan speeds (low/medium/high) adjustable switch for annual- round use. It also has Airflows of about 4662 cfm, energy consumption of57 watt excluding light and airflow effectiveness of82 cfm each watt. In addition, it Contains 0.75 inches by 4 inch shaft for holding the ceiling fan, 78 inch lead cable and 3 GU10- base 51 watt MR16 with light bulbs (halogen light bulbs).

Lastly, it comes with a lifespan warranty on motors; 2- year guarantees on the other parts of the ceiling fan.

What are you still waiting for! This is one of the highest rated ceiling fans that are available in the market.


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