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Top 10 Best Job Interview Questions and Answers

The only key to success at an interview is a good preparation. One aspect of this preparation is thinking about the kind of questions you should expect and what are their best answers. Here is a list of top ten best job interview questions and answers to get you started.


10. If you were an animal, which one will you prefer to be?

Most interviewers can use any form of psychological question to determine your thinking capacity. Mostly the type of animal you choose in this case can literally describe your traits. For instance, if you choose to be a lion, chances are that you may be seen as aggressive and if you prefer to be a bunny, you will definitely make a soft and passive impression. When giving your answer to this question, consider the impression you would like to make and the type of personality required to get the work done.

9. What is your expected salary?

If the employer or interviewer tells you the range first, it would be to your advantage when answering this question. Know the current rates of the job seeking within your area as well as your walk-away point or bottom-line. The best answer is to respond by saying that you are sure, when the right time comes; you are ready to agree on a reasonable amount. In addition, challenge them by throwing a question; for example, what is your payment range for someone with similar background as mine?

8. What are some positive things your former employee would like to say about you?

This is the right time you need to pull out your old appraisals of performance and quotes of your former boss. It is actually the best way of bragging about yourself using words of someone else. For instance, you can say that your boss used to tell you that you are the best designer they have ever had.

7. Why do you think you are best candidate or what makes you unique?

This usually takes an assessment of your skills, traits and experience. Summarize them concisely when giving your answer. You can say that you have a great unique combination of the ability to develop customer relationships and strong technical skills. Explain further that this great combination allows you to use your experience to break down information to make it more user-friendly.

6. Were you satisfied in your previous job?

When this question is asked, the employer wants to know what exactly motivates you. When answering this, try to relate an example of a project or job when you really excited about it, the interviewer will definitely get your preferences idea.

5. Why do you want to leave your current job?

If you are unemployed, give a reason for leaving your job in a positive context and if you are employed, only focus on you would want to have in your next job. For instance, you made a decision that after working for a period of two years, you will look for team-focused organization where you can add your experience as well.

4. What are your objectives?

Usually, it is important to talk about immediate and short-term goals instead of locking yourself into a distant future. For instance, say something like your immediate goal is to be employed in a growth-oriented company and your long-term is based on where the company is heading to and you hope to grow into a better position of responsibility.

3. Why did you make a decision to work in this company?

In this case, the interviewer expects an answer, which indicates that you have given your consideration to work in their company some thought, and you are not just applying for the position because there is a vacancy. For example, say that you choose the company because their mission statement is in-line with your values, hence you will definitely be excited about the operations of the company.

2. Why should we employ you?

In this case, you also need to summarize your skills and experiences. For instance, state that you have enough experience of working under the same industry or business niche as their business. You also believe that you would be a great addition to their team.

1. Can you tell us about your weakness?

Generally, this seems to be the most dreaded question to be asked in an interview. Answer it well by reducing your weaknesses and put more emphasis to your strengths. Always concentrate on your professional traits and stay away from your personal qualities as much as possible.

In conclusion, since the interview may vary from one to another, the form of question may also vary. However, the above discussed questions and answers are likely to be asked in most interviews.

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