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Top 10 Best Watches For Men In 2016

If you are in the market for the finest brands of watches for men, then this list can help you find just the perfect item for you. These are among the top 10 best watches for men in 2016 including the key features of each product.

10. Samsung Galaxy Gear “Smartwatch” (in Jet-Black color)

Samsung Galaxy Gear "Smartwatch" (in Jet-Black color)

This remarkable watch for men by Samsung is an excellent way for you to stay connected – and in style. For instance, this product provides you to have the chance to use your smartphone even when you are on the go, or when you want to check out notifications in an instant. With this watch, keeping up with your emails, calls and text messages is a breeze. What’s more, the watch as a high quality screen and a wearable device that comes with a durable and comfortable strap to support the entire watch. You can also use this product to connect to your Samsung galaxy smartphone using the Bluetooth.


9. Ironman Flix “100-Lap Men’s Watch by Timex

Ironman Flix "100-Lap Men's Watch by Timex

One of the best items that came out from the Ironman Collection by Timex is the Flix Sports, which is among the best-selling brands of watch for men. This item has a fairly large display, which enables quick reading even when you are frequently away from home. If you are working out, and you want to determine how well you did, you may always check the timer, alarm and chronograph for accurate details about your progress. Lastly, this watch is water-resistant up to 100 meters, so you can wear it even while swimming, as long as you avoid going beyond the water-resistance limit.


8. Adventure-Solar Classic Men’s Watch by Seiko (Model SSC081)

Adventure-Solar Classic Men's Watch by Seiko (Model SSC081)

Another great option for stylish men who want to look effortless cool is by choosing this watch model by Seiko. Not only does this product look elegant, but it is also durable and functional. It comes with a sturdy leather strap that will complement the chic appeal of the watch because of its high quality materials. The product also features an alarm chronograph for greater functionality, as well as water-resistant properties up to 100 meters.[Azonasinid asinid=”B008QPA95C”]


7. Pro-Trek T Solar Digital Men’s Watch by Casio (Model PRW2500-1 )

Pro-Trek T Solar Digital Men's Watch by Casio (Model PRW2500-1 )

If you want a watch that offers style and functionality all in one product, then this Pro-Trek watch by Casio is for you. It is your classic pathfinder watch that is equipped with every single item you will need on an outdoor trip such as a thermometer, altimeter, digital compass, moon data, tide graph, and several other functions in a nifty package. What’s more, this watch has a duplex LCD feature that provides the finest lower and upper display, so you get the information you need even with just a quick glance at your watch. It is also water resistant up to 200 meters, which add to the outstanding features of the watch.


6. Gold-Tone Watch for Men by Michael Kors (Model MK8077)

Gold-Tone Watch for Men by Michael Kors (Model MK8077)

A fine watch for sophisticated men, this gold-tone classic timepiece is bursting with sophistication and style. It has a remarkable bracelet made of gold-tone stainless steel, and a fine bezel that frames the watch’s dial in gold color. This product also features an alternating Arabic numerals for the hour markers, which is complemented by the gold-colored hands and thin black stick for the minute markers. To add to the astounding features of the watch, this product can resist water up to about 165 meters.


5. Eco-Drive Chronograph Canvas Men’s Watch by Citizen (Model AT0200-05E)

Eco-Drive Chronograph Canvas Men's Watch by Citizen (Model AT0200-05E)

Add a touch of class and masculinity to your fashion with this chronograph canvas timepiece by Citizen. It offers an amazing combination of a smug and clean look with the stunning features of the watch such as the stainless steel bezel and case and sturdy canvas strap. The watch also features a special system when it comes to energy storage for the battery, as this component ensures the amazing function of light as its source of power. In addition, this watch uses batteries that do not contain harmful chemicals typically used in traditional types of batteries. Thus, it is a greener option for you, as well.


4. G-Shock Watch for Men by Casio (Model G100-1BV)

G-Shock Watch for Men by Casio (Model G100-1BV)

Walk in style with this sporty-looking watch by Casio. It comes with a utilitarian and functional design that displays the time in digital or analog, depending on your preference. Furthermore, it comes with a mineral crystal material for the dial window including dual display for the time, stopwatch, luminosity features, water and shock resistance. With the durability and impressive style of this watch, you can be sure that this product will give you the best value for your money.


3. “Eco-Drive” Men’s Watch Leather and Titanium Combination by Citizen (Model BL5250-02L)

"Eco-Drive" Men's Watch Leather and Titanium Combination by Citizen (Model BL5250-02L)

This watch for men by Citizen features a unique combination of leather and titanium in one unit. It also comes with amazing features such as an alarm, power saver function, dual time, and inner calendar. You can also change the time zone easily because it has an independent adjustment for the hour hand. The strap made of fine leather add to the remarkable appeal of this watch for men who look for a solid investment.


2. Men’s II Collection Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch by Invicta ( Model 6620 )

Men's II Collection Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch by Invicta ( Model 6620 )

What’s completely stunning about this watch is the fact that it has a durable case made of stainless steel and an exquisite feel of confidence and sophistication with it. The watch also features subdials, water resistance to a maximum of 330 feet, and unidirectional bezel. You can never go wrong with this watch because of its elegant look and superior functionality.


1. “Pro Diver” Two-Tone 23-karat Gold-Plating with Stainless Steel Automatic Men’s Watch by Invicta (Model 8928OB)

"Pro Diver" Two-Tone 23-karat Gold-Plating with Stainless Steel Automatic Men's Watch by Invicta (Model 8928OB)

Whether you are an outdoors type of person or one who prefers water sports activities, this watch is the ultimate choice for you. It is an automatic watch that has a solid and durable case made of stainless steel and bracelet crafted of the same material with gold-plating on the central links. This classic timepiece uses the Japanese automatic movement for accuracy, and it is also water resistant up to 200 meters. Even when you are in low light conditions, you can still see the time clearly because this watch has a brilliant blue dial that also adds to the appeal of the timepiece.



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