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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In The U.S.

If you are one of the individuals who always wished to buy a place in the Hamptons and you have not saved enough money, may be you are in the wrong careers. It is good to find a job that you love, but finding a job that pays all your bills and leaves you with something in the bank is also ideal in today’s tough economy. So, if you are in school, here is a list of the Top 10 paying jobs in the US as given by Department of Labour. Work hard and land in one. They really pay.

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In The U.S.

10. Industrial organization Psychologists

Annual mean wage: $124,160
Training time: 8 years

Despite having the word “psychologist” in their title, industrial organizational psychologists are not the people you visit, sit on a couch, and discuss your problems with. Individuals on this job typically work in various sectors across the economy. They perform duties related to interviewing, testing and hiring employees. They are responsible for drafting and implementation of employees training and development policies. They often work closely with human resource managers. Working as a technical consulting manager in the service industries averages $163, 080. The education requirements for one to join this job varies widely but on the minimum, expect to have spent many years in school. The average psych Ph.D takes a minimum of 6 years.

9. Computer and information system managers

Annual mean wage: $125,660
Training time: 4+ years

How important are information system and computer managers in organizations? Once your work computer crashes or due to whatever attacks you can’t get a file, it takes you time to get services from your IT department, right? Computer and information system managers not only manage company IT department, but also they draw up companies IT strategies. Although these jobs cut across a wide section of the economy, the highest paying are in the securities exchange and motion pictures industries, where the average annual pay goes as high as $162,520 and $156, 180 respectively. California stands out as the state with the highest number of it managers of all the 50 states in the US. Attaining this position requires one to have a bachelor’s degree in computer related field or in the information science field. Several years of experience also comes in handy.

8 Marketing Manager

Annual mean wage: $126,190
Training time: 4+ years

These individuals work in almost all industries. However, the best in what they do earns handsomely. They are skilled in getting the word out about the company. The best paid works in the financial investment sector and earns an average of $169770 annually. Those who work in the apparel, gas and oil industries are paid well above average at $163,310 and $168,590, respectively. The requirement for one to enter in this job is quiet cloudy. However, many business will require you to be a holder of a bachelor’s degree in marketing but several years of experience and an eye catching portfolio also comes in handy.

7. Natural Sciences Manager

Annual mean wage: $128,230
Training time: 4+ years

Natural sciences manager’s job involves supervising scientists in such fields such as physics, chemistry, Biology and split their time between lab work and office. In the US, natural scientist who work in the education institution and state government level earn less than the average wages for their position. On the other hand, those who work in the aerospace and insurance industry earn higher than is the norm in the industry. Becoming one of these experts generally requires a bachelor’s degree in science related field, followed by years of experience both in the fields and labs.

6. Architectural and engineering managers

Annual mean wage: $129,350
Training time: 4+ years

Well, although individuals performing these job might not have instant titles that command respects, Engineering and architectural managers are among the top ten paying jobs in the US. Generally, those working in the oil and gas industry are the highest paid. A typical architectural manager working in the gas industry takes home an average income of $186,800 while one involved in extraction of oil and gas takes home on average $167,800. Alaska, California and Texas have some of the highest paid architectural and engineering managers. To be one of these well paid experts, one requires at least a bachelor degree and relevant working experience in the industry.

5. Lawyers

Annual mean wage: $130,490
Training time: 7 years

Often you must have heard people using colourful adjectives to describe lawyers. On average, Lawyers ranks as among the top paid mainly due to the numerous number of experience involved. New York and California ranks as the states with the highest number of lawyers in the US with the number of lawyers working in these two states only exceeding 130,000. To be a lawyer, one needs to hold a bachelor degree in law coupled with 3 years in a law school.

4. Petroleum Engineers

Annual mean wage: $138,980
Training time: 4+ years

Well, if you recount the number of curse words you mutter every time you have to take your gas container for refilling, you can count on Petroleum engineers to be among the top paying jobs in the US. But all in one, you are in debt position of expressing your gratitude to these individuals for facilitating extraction of petroleum from underground. Amazingly, the number of petroleum Engineers in the US exceeds that of Paediatricians. Nearly 1 in every 10 Petroleum engineers work in the gas industry. Texas has the highest number of Petroleum and gas engineers.

3. Chief Executive Officer

Annual mean wage: $176,550
Training time: 6+ years

This is one of the highest paying jobs in the US and amazingly, one that does not seem to require you to have years and years of experience. CEOs are responsible for calling shots in most major economic sectors. Today, more than 250,000 individuals in the US has CEO listed as their occupation in their job cards. The best compensated CEO works in the Film industry and takes home an annual average income of $234,770 from the job. California has the largest number of CEOs in the US.

2. Dentists and Orthodontists

Annual mean wage: $204,670
Training time: 8 years

Of course, not only do Doctors and Dentists share the same facilities, but also their remunerations tend to correlate. Actually, there is nothing shabby about working on teeth. Of all type of teeth specialists, orthodontists takes home the highest annual mean wage currently standing at $204,670. However, on average dentists take home $161,750 and they are more than 90,000 in the US. Orthodontists number is low at slightly above 5,000 and this explains why they are hitting these big wins. To qualify as a dentist normally requires eight years of experience and one has to pass written exams. However, the requirement vary from one state to another.

1. Doctors and Surgeons

Annual mean wage: $234,950
Training time: 11+ years

If you have the time and budget to see you through a medical school, you will eventually be smiling when you see the pay check. Of all medical jobs, anaesthesiologists take home the largest share of coins currently standing at an annual mean wage of $234, 950. Other medical professions are not far behind, surgeons follows at $218,610, family and general doctors at $177,330 and paediatricians comes last as the lowest paid doctors, if you can be allowed to use this term, at $168,650. So, while become a doctor takes more time that is the case with most other professions, at the end the catch is impressive.

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