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Top 10 Korean Movies In 2016

How many Korean movies have you watched this year? How would you rank them? There is no doubt that most people recently begun to like other movies apart from those of European or American origin. For you who have been looking around for something different, it will be nice to have a look at Korean movies. You probably love watching movies to get refreshed. You don’t want to keep following the same plot of things every now and then. It is thus very vital for you to opt for something new this year. Movies from this region offer you with a wide variety of tastes ranging from comedy, suspense and even romance. Most people who have watched them would find this Top 10 list very honest. But for you who have not yet watched, then find out which are the top 10 Korean movies you must buy and watch in 2015. We proved you with this list based on the number of sales and even likes on social media.

10. The Berlin File

The Berlin File

Do you like drama movies? What about action and thriller types? Now imagine the three components put together to come up with one single movie. The Berlin file is an example of such a fantastic movie. It is one of the movies directed and written by the creative Seung Ryoo. It features a style like that of a spy thriller to entice and raise your nerves out. You will certainly wow at how much you will be kept in suspense and involved throughout the plot. Perhaps you expect a movie by such a qualified director to hit the chats all through 2015.

9. The Attorney

The Attorney

This movie finds its way in our top ten due to its intriguing nature. It tells an interesting story about the former president. You will get to understand Roo Moo-Hyun first year all the way back from when he an excellent attorney. It’s one of the best directed realistic movies you will have to make efforts to watch. It will suit you most of you are a history fanatic as it will take you through the 1980s.which was a period of numerous difficulties for Koreans.

8. Man On The Edge

Man On The Edge

Do you love comedy? If yes, then here you are. Here is an exciting comedy directed by one of the most respected individuals in the industry; Jo Jin kyu. If you watch, you will not be surprised at how much it sales it made in its first week. Records show that millions of people viewed it a few days after being released. You fond most of the popular names in film meeting in this comedy.

7. New World

New World

You did expect a crime movie it this list. Perhaps it’s because most of them build suspense thus refreshing your mind. Its director, Hoon Park, made joined this industry as a scriptwriter, but has found the thrill in being a successful director. The movie is about many characters in the crime world. If you have not watched it, attractive cars and luxurious buildings should start forming in your mind now. Simply, it just gives you the image of most notorious criminal. Off cousre you understand most of them aren’t poor in real life.

6. Koala


This movie was first introduced during the popular the Seoul film festival. Though it may not be as popular as is one of the most underrated movies in the scene, you will probably wow at how creative the scriptwriter was. It features two young men who start a business with the aim of making it grow big in the future. You will surely find pleasing and emotional.

5. The Oldboy

The Oldboy

If you have been monitoring the Korean movie scene recently, then probably you have already heard people talking about Oldboy. It is an update of the version that was released 10 years ago. In simpler terms, it’s just a remake but with high quality due to advancements in technology.

4. No Breathing

No Breathing

It’s a very popular and exciting movie that keeps your nerves alert for a period of two hours. If you are find sports more thrilling, then this happens to be your best option right now. It gives swimming more focus full of fantasy in that world of competition. You should expect to see popular Korean characters like Sang Kong, Octavia together with some foreign actors like John Hurt and Jamie Bell. Most parts have been shot in American English to cater for actors from that region. If you ever read the French novel, Le Transperceneige, then perhaps you may have the clear picture of how exciting science fiction can be in the film.

3. The Target

The Target

It’s another popular remake that made out our top ten Korean movie chat due to its thrilling effect. It is another fine product of the Korean market which is popular in remaking movies to hit again. This one is an updated version of the famous French thriller; the Point Blank. The compact action and drama in the film will make you check your bedroom know thrice just to ensure that it’s well closed before you sleep.

2. Nobody’s Daughter Haewon

Nobody’s Daughter Haewon

Perhaps you expected another product by Hong Sang-Soo to be on the list. It’s rich with drama about a young, depressed lady whose mother fled to Canada. To prove that it really deserves the second position in this chart, it was screened during the Berlin International Film Festival. Additionally, it was also chosen for the annual Hong Kong International Film Festival. Under such a good and professional director, you can never doubt the quality of the film and its emotional nature. There isn’t any way one can describe the drama and moving actions in the movie.

1. Tazza 2  [ The High Rollers ]

Tazza 2 [ The High Rollers ]

Finally, here is a continuation of the previous version that topped most charts nationally and internationally. If you had watched the earlier part, then this is no new things. Tazza : The High Rollers part 2 dissects the world of gambling. It features people taking advantage of other people to make money. It tops our list of top Korean movies in 2015 due to the intriguing manner in which characters portray the world of gambling. This film is not only interesting to gamblers, but also people who wish to understand how to avoid being coned. You can check out previews of these movies online before downloading them to ascertain quality. For now, have your say. Which movie do you feel shouldn’t have made the top ten?

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